International Tutor & Lecturer    
  Sandra Grayson
Handwriting Specialist

                             THE  CALLIGRAPHY  SCHOOL


​                                                                                             As seen on BBC TV*


After 40 years of professional Calligraphy , London born Sandra Grayson had a dream come true thanks to a chance meeting which changed her life overnight....

Sandra's life mission to help keep handwriting alive in a technological-driven world was a hard slog for all of those years.  Despite commissions from big names like CHANEL and the British Museum, computers were making handwriting a thing of the past until that amazing moment with a complete stranger, 5 years ago. 
The experience led Sandra to seek out new ways to  share her natural talents in Calligraphy and Graphology and, in more demand now than ever before, she teaches Calligraphy and gives her Graphology lectures to audiences both in the UK and around the world. 

 it just goes to show how it's never too late to make your dreams come true.

Listen to one of her inspirational lectures to hear the full story of
how one life can change so much when you believe in something so deeply. 

​​"How can  we let something so personal disappear when it has taken humans so long to perfect?"

To book one of Sandra's many talks or to arrange 1-2-1 or group (max. 100 persons) Calligraphy for Beginners' classes, get in touch.   She will be delighted to help.

​​​* BBC TV News Midlands - World Calligraphy Day,  Birmingham UK 15 August 2018