THE  CALLIGRAPHY  SCHOOL​​​
   International Tutor & Lecturer   
Sandra Grayson
  Handwriting Specialist 
​                                                                                                *As seen on BBC TV




What is Calligraphy?
Calligraphy is the art of beautiful writing and there seems to be quite a few different opinions as to its origins, so whether you believe it all got started in China, Japan, Arabia, Egypt, Greece or in its basic form with cave men thousands of years ago (the last one is my theory), it’s great to see it’s still around today.
History shows us just how long people in different parts of the world have been expressing themselves by using symbols and signs. Mobile phones and computers are making handwriting a thing of the past but we can keep this wonderful form of art alive if we try.  We just have to keep it personal and write whenever we can.
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